Valencia 5th and 6th
of october 2022


Inauguration and opening

Xavi Calvo, Director General de World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Maite Ibañez. Concejala de Educación, Acción Cultural, Juventud y Cooperación y Migración

Enrique Silla, CEO y Fundador de Jeanología

José E. Capilla Romá, Rector de la Universidad Politécnica de València.

Teppo Tauriainen, Embajador de Suecia en Madrid

Greeting from Member of the European Parliament, Alice Bah Kuhnke, on the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Alice Bah Kuhnke, born 1971 in Malmö, Sweden, is a Member of European Parliament for the Swedish Green Party and Vice-Chair of the Greens/European Free Alliance. She has co-chaired the parliamentary working group on the EU Green Deal, has led the EP Greens’ efforts on the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, and frequently speaks about the need for a more sustainable textile industry. She previously served as Minister of Culture and Democracy in the Government of Sweden from 2014 to 2019, was Director General for the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, Director General for Fairtrade Sweden, Sustainability Director for the engineering company AFRY, and co-founded the think tank Sektor3 aimed at strengthening civil society. Alice Bah Kuhnke began her career as a reporter for two major Swedish TV-networks and has been a public figure in Sweden for 30 years, with a strong commitment to sustainability issues, democracy, civil society and the creative industries.


European Universities: Boosting SMART Learning

Nuria Llobregat

International Affairs Director UPV, Core Officer ENHANCE Alliance​

Nuria Llobregat-Gomez, Ph.D. (1972), graduated English Philologist at the National University of Distance Education (UNED, Spain) in 2012. Ph.D. degree, Cum Laude mention, at the Technical University of Valencia (UPV, Spain) in 2020. Since 1996 she has occupied different positions with management responsibilities as Head of Unit in various UPV departments and services (1996-2021), and as Executive Technician (since Oct. 2021). Appointed Associate Lecturer at the Applied Linguistics Department since 2015, English Subject and field. She is the International Affairs Director at the UPV (since June 2021) and Core Officer at the ENHANCE Alliance. She has received the 2022 Ph.D. UPV extraordinary award for her Dissertation: STEM Subjects face the Haptic Generation: the iScholar.

Her current research areas are education and haptic technology, including SMART learning, disruptive technologies, Engineering Education, and new learning immersive spaces driven by Haptic Interactions. She also maintains an important line of activity in managing and improving university education supported by international projects and research. Since 2015 she has taken part as a researcher in five European projects (ERASMUS+) and participated in more than five innovative educational experiences as a Member of the Group of Innovative Methodologies for Engineering education GRIM4E (UPV) and ACUMA Research Center (UPV).

She is co-author of 2 scientific papers (peer review), one book chapter in TICAI 2015, and 12 communications in International Technical and Scientific Meetings (conference proceedings).



Transforming the industry for a people and planet positive fashion future.

H&M Foundation (by Embassy of Sweden)

A presentation focusing on the need for transformation, inclusive circularity, accelerating innovation and impatient research – with examples showing that change is possible!

Christiane Dolva & Maria Bystedt

Strategy leads at H&M Foundation

Christiane Dolva Törnberg joined H&M Foundation as Strategy lead in 2022. She is responsible for setting out the strategic direction for the Planet Positive pillar, which includes Accelerating Innovation, Impatient research and partnerships, all with the ambition to transform the textile industry to a planet positive future.  

Christiane has extensive experience in the field of sustainability, as an advisor for a variety of different industries for the past 7 years as the Global Sustainability Director at the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven. Her passion is to speed up meaningful change, connect partners within the industry and fill up the toolbox for brands and suppliers when it comes to new innovative solutions.


Maria Bystedt joined the H&M Foundation at its inception
in 2013, where she is Strategy Lead and is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the pillar Inclusive Societies.

Maria strongly believes a holistic approach is key to achieving fundamental changes and that effective and sustainable systems change can only happen when the people impacted are included, and inequities are addressed openly and proactively. She believes in the power of working collectively to achieve lasting impact at a scale beyond what any one actor could achieve alone.

Maria initiated and heads the H&M Foundation’s programme Saamuhika Shakti – a first-of-its-kind collective impact initiative to improve the quality of life for waste pickers in Bengaluru, India. It shifts the power balance and addresses deep-rooted social problems through co-creation and guidance from those with lived experiences of the systems needing change. Through a powerful ecosystem of partners, the aim is to remove the barriers that keep waste pickers in poverty and build resilient systemic change. The vision is for waste picker families to have greater agency to lead secure and dignified lives. The initiative also has a strong focus on equity, addressing the basic needs of marginalized groups such as women and girls.

With 20 years’ experience in the development sector, Maria has previously worked within several international development organisations such as the Swedish UN Association and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Maria holds a degree from University of Sussex, BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology with Development Studies, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Science Research from Nottingham Trent University.


From Polluter to Pioneer

How do we transform fashion from polluter to pioneer? Sustainable fashion advocate, Christina Dean shares insightful personal stories about her own sustainable fashion adventures, set on bicycles, planes, trucks and landfills. Drawing on current and future industry trends, this engaging keynote sparks curiosity and the desire to adventure into change.  

Christina Dean

Founder/CEO The R Collective, Founder/Chair Redress

Christina Dean is the sustainable fashion advocate who founded the NGO Redress, whose mission is to reduce waste in the fashion industry, and which organises the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition, The Redress Design Award. She also founded The R Collective, the award-winning social impact business that rescues, reuses and recycles luxury fashion waste. Dean is widely quoted in leading media, from CNN Style, VOGUE, BBC, New York Times, Forbes and Bloomberg Business Week and more. She co-authored ‘Dress [with] Sense’; co-hosts the award-winning docu-series, ‘Frontline Fashion’; and her TEDxHKBU talk ‘You are What You Wear’ talk has over half a million views on YouTube. Her accolades include UK Vogue’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’ and she is on Asia Tatler’s The Impact List as one most influential individuals defining the future of Asia.


Growing a Responsible Fashion Design Company through Craft, Creativity and Community

Christopher Raeburn

Founder of Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn is a graduate of London’s prestigious Royal College of Art whose pioneering work has brought responsible design to a global audience and presents a new definition of luxury with integrity. Founded in 2009, the RÆMADE ethos in particular has pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create innovative and functional pieces. Alongside this, a highly collaborative spirit informs elevated, handcrafted and award-winning products with distinct utilitarian value and purpose. This innovative approach, with an unusual balance of high concept, accessibility and wearability, is applied to menswear, womenswear, luggage and accessories. 

RÆBURN’s DNA is infused with collaborative partnerships, each carefully considered in order to improve knowledge and uptake of responsible practices across sectors. Over the past 10+ years, RÆBURN has secured connections with the likes of Moncler, The North Face, Umbro, Rapha, Aesop and many more. To complement this, Christopher has enjoyed an extended partnership with Timberland and is today seen as their ‘Collaborator at Large’, continuing to fly the flag for The Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN collection, which continuously challenges the brand’s dedication to eco-innovation. 

• British Fashion Council NewGen Award sponsorship in 2010–2013 for both menswear and womenswear 

• Rising Star in 2010 and 2011 at the UK Fashion and Textiles Awards • British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent Menswear 2011

• ‘Designer of the Year’ at the 2013 UKFT Awards
• ‘Menswear Brand of the Year’ at the 2014 UKFT Awards 

• ‘Best Emerging Designer’ at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2015
• Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) awarded Raeburn an honorary  professorship and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019
• ‘Brand of the Year’ (<£30m turnover) at the Drapers Sustainable  Fashion Awards 2020
• In December 2020, Raeburn won a Fashion Award 2020, selected as one of the Honourees of the Environment category
• Winner of the Common Objective Leadership Award 2022
• ‘Brand of the Year’ for a second year running at the Drapers Sustainable  Fashion Awards 2021 


The textile transformation, Jeans successful case - Jeanología


La industria textil está lista para transformar la forma en que se fabrican los jeans. Significa eliminar el 100 % de desperdicio de jeans desde la tela hasta la prenda final, minimizando el uso de agua y productos químicos hasta un objetivo cercano a cero.

La industria textil hoy es responsable del 20% de la contaminación de las aguas del planeta Dentro del textil los famosos pantalones vaqueros son uno de los productos estrella, siendo una de las prendas más vendidas y con mayor impacto ambiental.

Revisaremos el caso de éxito de Jeans, que, mediante la introducción de tecnologías disruptivas, innovadores software, somos capaces de cambiar el modelo productivo, a un modelo, sostenible, con cero vertidos.



  1. INTRODUCCION JEANOLOGIA, empresa con propósito, visión y misión

Caso éxito Jeans- La prenda mas sostenible


Cómo el diseño digita puede ayudar a la transformación de la industria. La visualización digital del acabado de jeans es posible a través del software eDesigner.

Demo real como crear una colección virtual.

  1. EXPERIENCIA RETAIL, experiencia en vivo de la Nano Laser donde mostraremos, como customizar prendas, creando una experiencia única.

Fernando Cardona

Head of Brain Box at Jeanologia


Fernando Cardona is a chemical-textile engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Since 2008 he has been the head of the Brain Box department at Jeanologia, a consulting department in charge of optimizing more efficient finishing processes for garments, training clients and developing collections from which technology and creativity come together to create technically sustainable fashion.

He leads a multicultural team of more than 20 people of 10 different nationalities who provide services around the world, and this year he has completed 20 years working at Jeanologia as a garment finishing technician and developing sustainable solutions for laundries and brands around the world.

From Jeanologia, Fernando works so that the sustainable technology developed by the Spanish company is not only a sustainable production method, but also a design tool for designers and denim heads from all over the world.

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